elegy for Dido's socks

velcro congruity. integer time. hospital tape. perestroika. sestina. sassafras. koulbassa. vision pants. parting shot. tuna butt. rad action. panfried. giant squash. plantar fasciitis. get it in writing. put it on your thing. plenitude. gingivitis. poop sauce. plenty of fish. muffin top. penis wagon. vaginal understudy. pooty tang. perspicacity. capital of France. itching to go. grant season. Ipsos Reid. ants in your pants. guess what I’m holding. Tri-Beca. Tri-Deca. planet cheesewhiz. goober time. hot sauce. California raisin weiner. pupusa. mussel engine. razor board. immanent sausage. hold my bolus. adjustment disorder. disassociative disorder. temporomandibular joint disorder. irritable bowel syndrome. 

shhh—this is the best part.



“What’s with your obsession with pants?”

“I don’t know what it is with pants…maybe that animals don’t wear them and we do?”
A vector wave drawing. Over it is a man's velcro shoe with the word Integrity written on the sole in cursive