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“Chris’ virtuosic playing is one of the many reasons we fell in love with this band in the first place. 

The Calgary music scene was in mourning Tuesday

was and will forever be known as guitar visionary. And in my mind he will remain among the ranks of kevin shields or J Mascus.

“It’s impossible to overstate the impact that Chris’s passing will have on his community

The crater-sized hole left by Chris Reimer’s passing continues to be felt by everyone who knew, loved or listened. As the not-so-secret weapon behind Women’s spidery guitarmonies, he inspired a new generation of golden Calgarians and sprinkled magic dust throughout the subterrain.

Please bear with me and apologize ahead on this review.

If I am not conveying it proper and respect to this great artist that we lost this year.

a multitudinous presence in the Canadian art community.

It’s gritty, deeply emotional, and haunting in so many ways.

It wouldn’t be the same. Can’t replace a musician like Chris.

seriously...how the actual fuck

is chris dead?

Ugh. Waves of sadness. RIP.

Only just found out. Fuck. :(

I just found out this morning. R.I.P, you King.

“I’ve never been this upset over the death of a musician that I didn’t know.” I’ve been in mourning since Wednesday. awful. to my knowledge, Chris was also involved in an electronic group called Azeda Booth and recorded the album In Flesh Tones with them. i’ve been listening to that project heavily, glad I finally discovered them, although the catalyst was the worst thing i could have ever imagined. such a loss. and MrDaniel_UK, i’m not sure if you meant that critically or not, but “Salt Remains” always makes me misty. it’s a really beautiful rendition.

And Reimer was one of the greatest dudes I ever met. solid, humble, insanely talented and super funny.

r.i.p. chris, this is a sad time.