my, what a swift coffin

Highrollers that
jump to get higher
blackballing the corn petition,
raking the eyes
justifying the leaf spreading
update our photos
a lot of specific history
where do we use history
Increase your density
Electric surge, straight through a pole
Senator spit 12 years counting shoes
hold the rejection,
                     didn’t mean to say I love you
rabbits jerk off on your garden
yeah fuck you
~ Chris Reimer
A screenshot from Google maps of Strathcona Beach Park in Kelowna. There's a red star in the water.
It’s only
when I get back to my shoes
that I notice the beetle is still with me.
I watch it for a while,
little metallic body and sticky feet
clinging to my pale hand
speckled with water droplets.
It remains there
as I fumble to close the baggie
and what’s left of your dust
inside the pedal box,
then it raises its wings and
flies away.