the road to Mexico

The road to Mexico
is long, and paved with
the futures of dead rabbits.
All this negative protein.
Who could control the unrest?
I’ll leave it to you to bring these
things up with mother. I will be home
late. I’ll be home with millionaires
feet. Lucky Lucky eyes are for smiling
with. All this negative coffins and swift protein.
Why don’t you scale the walls while I’m not baking.
Paint your face the alphabet. Clowns have more fun. 

“But! Stop. In the future stop. All of this will be unsettled
and dusty stop. So let’s march south with ears for fences to
keep out unwanted intrusions dusty and stood up too fast.
My lights behind my eyes is your shape. Your very own shadow.”

So dusty.
~ Chris Reimer