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GRIEFWAVE has been a labour of love since fall of 2012 when I first envisioned transmuting my early dives into artistic grief exploration and converting them into something other. Converting the raw emotion into art and sending it into the world where others could interact with it.

Along the way, I've had a tremendous amount of support, including support from the Banff Centre and the Canada Council, and many friends and colleagues. See my Acknowledgements and Credits page to learn more.

I've had to learn how to do everything you see here myself. Nine years ago I was "just" a poet. To make what I saw in my head come to life, I've had to learn web design and publishing, photoshop and video editing, and I've had to develop those skills enough to be able to faithfully recreate the project I saw in my head. It took nine years to make it happen.

If you enjoyed your GRIEFWAVE journey and are in a position to offer monetary compensation, I'd be tremendously touched and shored up.

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Screenshot from Chris Reimer Legacy Fund society website shows a picture of Chris on stage and the text: We fund youth training in music and dance in honour of our beloved Christopher John Joseph (Chris) Reimer 1986 - 2012

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Learn more about my brother Chris, and the charitable society we founded in his honour.

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